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Translation and Interpreting

The quality of your translations and interpreting services at an event speak about your company and your interest for your customers. We work with skilled professionals who will help you meet your goals providing a positive professional image.


The quality of your translated documents speaks about your company. We understand the nuances and the importance of using specific terminology for each business area. We offer reliable and high-quality results. We work with localizations and neutralizations, if necessary. We also proofread translations made by others. If there is no bilingual staff in your company, we can become your “Translation Partner” and help you in this area. Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Interpreting Services

Simultaneous interpreting for congresses, conferences and large events, with or without booth and reception equipment. Consecutive interpreting for business meetings, press conferences, personal assistance and small event with handheld receptors. Transcription and/or translation of events recorded in any audio/video format. Professional sound and technology for events.


  • “We often have to deliver a presentation to heterogeneous audiences, with different interests, but certainly with the goal of selling an idea, a project and, basically, ourselves. Effective Presentations –so professionally led by Silvia Tubio with excellent dynamics- covers all necessary aspects to succeed in our presentations.”
    Daniel Perotti, RA Business Unit Manager en Productos Roche S.A.Q. e I. Argentina

  • “I highly recommend English and Journalism. It’s an essential tool for journalists. It’s very well delivered by highly trained professionals… and super cool!”
    Gustavo Tubio, Reporter/Journalist Canal 13/TN Host Radiotaxi AM 590 Continental at Radio Continental. Argentina

  • “A radical change in my relationship with the English Language, a way of breaking self-imposed limitations, highly recommended. Thank you Silvia and team!”
    Damiano Tsichlias, Field Service Engineer at Roche Diagnostics. Argentina

  • “My personal experience attending Effective Presentations for CEOs and Directors was outstanding! It allowed me to put into practice all the know-how acquired, enrich my technical vocabulary and, mainly, deliver better public presentations dealing comfortabley with Q&A’s. Silvia is a fantastic teacher and her skills and knowledge make her a highly recommended professional.”
    Alejandro Bildósola, Business Unit Manager Special. Treatments at Roche Argentina

  • “This has solved my schedule issues. E-ST Learning is an innovative product where the trainer monitors your performance constantly, helps you with difficulties and corrects your pronunciation. I have never felt alone and all my needs were taken into account. Cost-benefit ratio: excellent experience.”
    Julieta M. Gesuiti, Project Manager at Argenpart Realty Management. Argentina

  • “The way in which training sessions are delivered at Silvia Tubio & Associates makes you feel comfortable and helps you make the most of your time. Both Carolina Butti and Roy Recinos have always gone the extra mile to help me clarify doubts and correct my mistakes.”
    Roberto Dumerauf, Trainer at Independent. Argentina

  • “Silvia and her team have shown a high degree of professionalism and responsibility. They always pay attention to details and have been flexible enough to deal with special situations. Their best qualities: Great Results, Easy going, Creative.”
    Jorge Garcia, HR Director Cementos Avellaneda

  • “Effective Presentations is highly recommended for all those who need to deliver presentations in English.”
    Diego Kavanas, Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health Manager at Monsanto. Argentina

  • “Over the years we have realized that the traditional classification into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels is not enough when it comes to evaluating and comparing different applicants language performance level. Communication Skills Screening provides a more comprehensive comparison tool which also includes a situ ational English performance evaluation.”
    Walter Villar, Talent Attraction & Retention Head at Roche. Argentina

  • “Effective Presentations is quite good and I highly recommended it because it is very practical for those of us who have to deliver presentations in English. Excellent material and teaching level.”
    Ximena Rabosto, Product Manager at Abbott Laboratorios. Uruguay

  • “I had the chance to attend an Executive Intensive Training course some months ago and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Trainers’ professional level, facilities, material included and focus on needs identified made this activity highly recommendable.”
    Alejandro Desimone, Human Resources Director RSA Group Argentina & Uruguay en Royal & SunAlliance. Argentina